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Anti-Gun Propagandist Creates Game Where Players Re-Enact Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Kay Hagan Voted to Block Resolution that Would Have Allowed Americans to Keep Existing Insurance

Toure Whines About GOP Gerrymandering of US Senate Seats [video]

Must See Vine Compilation from Logan Paul

Where is Kay Hagan's Apology For Lying to North Carolinians? [Updated]

Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts Repeats Debunked "40%" Lie

Watch: Obamacare Navigators Caught On Tape Encouraging Fraud [video]

Moms Demand Action Founder Compares Gun Owners to Taliban [video]

"This is Really Unsettling" Former State Rep Unhappy with Detroit "Ruin Porn"

Flashback: Obama vs. Obama on the Individual Mandate [video]

"Nobody Knows My Kids Better than Me" Let's Give Parents a Choice in Education [video]

Isn't it time to #FireSebelius?

Hacked Again? Red Bull Smacks NSA in Promoted Tweet

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Falsely Insists "I'm Not Eligible" for ObamaCare Exchange

Halloween Lights: What Does the Fox Say Edition

Colion Noir: "Laws Only Stop People Who Decide to Follow Them"

Video: Icelandic Hymn Sung in Train Station Will Give You Chills

5 Great Conservative Quotes

Video Flashback: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Confident Obamacare Exchanges will be Ready October 1st

At This Rate, It Will Take More Than 16 Years for America to "Get Covered"

Favd Could be's Gateway Drug

If You've Been Waiting to be Covered in Mandates, ObamaCare is for You [video]

Mr. President, I Rise in Opposition to the Effort to Increase America's Debt Limit

The 164 Democrats Who Blocked Funding for Veterans' Benefits and their Twitter info

CNN Chyron Says Navy Yard Shooting Suspect "Legally Purchased AR-15 Shotgun"

Mayor Gray, MPD Hold Second Press Conference on Navy Yard Shooting [video]

On 9/11, Rolling Thunder Reminds US not to Forget American POWs [video]

Uninformed #MoralMonday Protesters Sign Petition to Slash Education Funding

Friday Flashback: Democrat Maxine Waters Wants Government to Take Over Oil Companies

#MeetCasandra: 21-Year-Old Adopted Soldier Searching for Birth Parents

SC Senator Lindsey Graham Will Hold Zero Town Halls During August Recess

Colorado Landlord Who Wanted to Ban Guns At Apartment Complex Overruled by Board

Video: Party at the NSA!

Insane Video: Semi Jumps Highway, Explodes

Former Clinton Adviser Gives $150K to Graham, McConnell

GreenTech Electric Car Co. Co-founded by Dem VA Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Being Investigated by SEC

Saturday Non-Shock: Gunophobes at Slate Mis-Characterize NC Gun Bill

NC Budget Zeroes Out State Funding for Most "Moral Monday" Protest Groups

Material Mondays: Groups Protesting NC Legislature have Received Over $100 Million in State Grants

Foreclosure Flap: Bank Seizes Wrong House, Sells Owner's Possessions

Use the Subscription Center URL to Boost YouTube Subscriptions

#BookerFail: The Super Mayor is Losing his Lustre [video]

Flat Tax NC: McCrory Signs Tax Overhaul Ending Progressive Income Taxation

Obama Supporters Sign Petition To Grant President Immunity from Any Crimes He May Commit [video]

Barack Obama: No Right To Self-Defense If You Can Retreat [video]

Barack Obama: If Trayvon Were White "Outcome and The Aftermath Might Have Been Different" [video]

Agitator In Chief: Barack Obama Says "Trayvon Martin Could've Been Me 35 Years Ago"

New Steven Crowder Video: Pure Detroit!

IT Director Who Testified Prosecution Withheld Evidence in Zimmerman Trial Fired By State Attorney's Office

Developer Brett Stalbaum Proud of Gun Geo Marker's 1-Star Rating

Irony? App Designed to Publicly Shame Gun Owners Very Concerned About Own Users' Privacy

Celebrate Independence: 21 Instagram Photos of Fireworks

Five Photos of Abortion Activists Setting the Standard for Civility

Dissecting North Carolina's Alleged Assault on Abortion

Steven Crowder: America Is a Place Where People Bring the Best and Leave the Baggage Behind

NC Governor Pat McCrory Chucks Pro-Life Politicians Under the Bus

Video: James O'Keefe Breakthrough on Rush Limbaugh Show

Photos: Hundreds Gather to Mourn 19 Firefighters Killed in Arizona's Yarnell Fire

Alabama Democrat Party Can't Pay Bills, Evicted From State Headquarters

Your Trends Aren't Trending

Your Trends Aren't Trending

Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake Join Democrats to Block Border Security Provisions

Tsarnaev's Wife Stops Cooperating With Boston Bombing Investigators

Wednesday May 1 is Everybody Blog about Pigford Day

Obama To Appoint Charlotte Mayor as Sec. of Transportation

Video: Chelsea Clinton Interviews...The GEICO Gecko?

UN Human Rights Official Blames US for Boston Bombing, Keeps Job

FreedomWorks' NC Grass Roots Coordinator to Run for NCGOP Vice Chair

Gunophobic Charlottean Terrified of Trash Collecting Teen

Guilty: Democrat County Chair Convicted of Ballot Petition Fraud

Pen-person-ship!? Washington State Bans "Sexist" Words

Solar-powered plane completes CA test flight

Video: West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Caught on Camera

Guilty Pleas in Indiana Ballot Petition Fraud Case

Taxpayer Funded NPR Says Hitler's Birthday, Columbine Big for the Right

Unreal: Veteran Arrested For Legally Open-Carrying Rifle [video] Launches Free Accounts (With Invite)

Explosions at Boston Marathon: Live Coverage

Renewable Racket: Minnesota Utility Wants to Sell "Renewable Energy Credits" to NC Power Companies

California Man Ticketed for Smoking, Videos Cop Who Asserts His Phone is a Weapon

Liberal Ad Compares McConnell to Al-Qaeda

How to Keep Your Wordpress Automatic oEmbeds from Being too Wide

False Alarm: NC A&T Gunman was Actually Carrying an Umbrella

Gosnell Patient: I Look Back At It ... God, What Was I Thinking

Friday Flashback: What is a Barrel Shroud?

McConnell Vindicated: Kentucky Democrat Executive Throws Progress KY Under the Bus

On Blogger Call, Beck Calls for Unity

NC House Passes Cursive Writing, Multiplication Tables Bill

Gun Sight Manufacturer Joins MagPul in Leaving Colorado

Gunman Reported at URI Campus, Police Investigating

Whatever Happened to Twitter's "Contributors" Feature?

Video: Obama Glad to be Named "Scientist in Chief," Not Sure He Deserves Title

Video: 2 for 22, Obama is About as Good at Basketball as he is at Baseball

Authorities Issue Arrest Warrant for "Egyptian Jon Stewart"

Danica Patrick is a Fan of The Bible

On Easter, Google Celebrates Birth of Union Activist

Girl suspended for bringing butter knife to school

Maker of Dog Seat Belts Wants to Ban Driving With an Unbuckled Pooch

Listen: VP Biden Says "Assault Weapons" Ban is Just the Beginning, Semi-Automatics are for the Military

NC Senate Bill 124 Would Make it A Class E Felony to Take VP Biden's Advice

The Ultimate Twitter and Facebook Image Template for Advertisers

Senate to Vote Wednesday on Charlotte Airport Takeover

Video: Al Sharpton is Obsessed with the Republican Party

The Ultimate Twitter and Facebook Image Template

The Ultimate Twitter and Facebook Image Template

Rep. Joe Salazar's Unacceptable Non-Apology

Colorado's House Democrats Ignore Reality, Ram Through Gunophobic Bill Stripping Students of Right to Self-Defense

Fracking Responsible for Biggest Oil Boom in US History

New York's Anti-Second Amendment Gun Grab Fails To Exempt Police

Petition to Establish Gun-Free Zones around President, Vice President Hits 25,000 Signature Requirement

Gunophobic Gun Banners Refuse to Advertise Homes as "Proudly Gun-Free" in New O'Keefe Video

Greg Ball's Excellent Statement from the Floor of the New York Senate

It's Official: As Long as You're a White Liberal, DC Authorities Will Look the Other Way

Obama Signs Bill To Surround Himself With Men With Guns For Life At Taxpayer Expense

Treasurer of Giffords' Gun-Ban Group was "Major Donor" To Obama SuperPAC That Falsely Accused Romney of Killing Joe Soptic's Wife