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Anti-Gun Hysteric Takes Down Her Own PSA, Re-uploads with Comments Disabled

Gun Control Group Promotes PSA Encouraging Kids to Steal Guns, Commit Felonies

If Greenpeace Cared About the Nazca Lines, They'd Turn Themselves In

The Electorate Gap: Democrat Senators Bash CEO Pay While Own Salaries Soar

Half of Politicians Lost in 2014

Jonathan Gruber: Lack of Transparency is a Huge Political Advantage

Do a Barrel Roll! Destiny Edition [video]

Destiny PvP: Control in the Crucible

Watch Dogs FAIL: Pay Attention!

Where's My Share of Hagan Business Profits?

Friday Flashback: Stephanie Cutter Loses it Over Benghazi

Harry Reid Has a Koch Fetish [video]

Bruce Braley: help me win this race ... Or, you might have a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law

Media Buries Charlotte Mayor's Political Affiliation to Protect Democrats

Bev Perdue: I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I would not look to the US constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.

Barack Obama: If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.

The Face of Determination: Watch This Drunken Irishman Climb a Hill [video]

Spike Lee: I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.

Phil Hare: I don't worry about the Constitution

Andrew Cuomo: I am the government

Alcee Hastings: When the deal goes down, all of this talk about rules, we make them up as we go along

Nancy Pelosi: We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.

Harry Reid: Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good.

Joe Biden: My state was a slave state.

Howard Dean: I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks

Alex Sink: Immigration reform is important ... where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping

Jerry Brown: We need more welfare and fewer jobs

Joe Biden: it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S.

Hank Johnson: My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize

Joe Biden: You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking.

If a Congress Member Shoved His Wife, Would the Media Care?

Flustered Director Michael Bay Walks Off Stage at CES [video]